OREANDA-NEWS. The wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Carrie Symonds appeared in public in a cheap outfit from the mass-market brand Zara and was criticized online.

The celebrity attended the G20 summit, which took place on October 30-31 in Rome. Paparazzi filmed Symonds on the streets in a floral maxi dress and a £60 red Zara blazer. Her image was complemented by low-heeled shoes.

Magazine readers did not appreciate the image of Boris Johnson's wife and scolded her in the comments below the posted photos. “She looks like an old grandmother”, “And should we rely on her taste? Awful outfit! ”,“ Carrie, you urgently need a stylist ”,“ Why does old wife Macron have a better sense of style than young Symonds? ”,“ Strange outfit,”, as they said.

In May, it became known that Carrie Symonds had chosen a dress for five thousand rubles for the wedding. She opted for a floral print alongside Greek designer Christos Costarellos. The dress costs 300 thousand rubles, but Symonds decided to refuse to buy it in favor of renting it for a day. As a result, the wedding dress cost her 4,700 rubles.