OREANDA-NEWS. Great Britain is helping to build up the potential of the Ukrainian fleet and developing the infrastructure of Ukrainian ports, but the information about the sale of missiles is erroneous, said British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons.

Earlier, the Times newspaper, citing a Ukrainian source, reported that Great Britain is negotiating with Ukraine on the sale of weapons, in particular missiles, to this country for the first time. It is noted that the negotiations are taking place against the background of assumptions that Russia allegedly "can use the fuel crisis to seize territory." As part of the discussed agreements, London may supply Kiev with surface-to-surface missiles and missiles for aircraft. The British Ministry of Defense is also discussing the sale of Brimstone missiles to Kiev for installation on Ukrainian Navy ships.

"The agreement on building the capacity of the Ukrainian Navy was signed last year in October, when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on a visit to London. Then we signed a free trade agreement. President Zelensky also did another important thing - he agreed with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Great Britain helped to build the potential of the Ukrainian fleet. This concerns the development of infrastructure of ports, naval ships. For the first time, naval ships will be equipped with defensive weapons. This is not an agreement on the provision of weapons. This is an agreement on increasing the potential of the Ukrainian Navy. Two missiles, which I wrote about. The Times newspaper, it seems to me, appeared in the article erroneously, because the agreement is only about building up the defense potential of the Navy, "the website of the Segodnya newspaper quotes the ambassador.

She also noted that Ukraine has a long way to go to restore its fleet.