OREANDA-NEWS. Scandalous British TV host Piers Morgan call the police after an online troll threatened to kill him. Morgan intends to bring the culprit to criminal responsibility and even promised to appear in court in person. He said this on the air of his program «Good Morning Britain».

«You can communicate within the legal framework on Twitter. Your words can be harsh, and you can hold public figures accountable. You can say what you want, and you can express your opinion. But you're not allowed to threaten people with death», he said.

Top managers of Facebook and Instagram promised to help him in the calculation of the anonymous troll, said Morgan. TV host also noted, that the law enforcement officers took the situation «very seriously».

«Because it's not normal, it's not freedom of speech, but a threat to murder. We'll see how brave they are when we track them down», Morgan concluded. In mid-February, the TV host's son Spencer spoke about death threats against his family received from a user under the nickname stevienewcombe, who said, that he intended to kill his father or mother, writes «The Mirror».