OREANDA-NEWS. The Moscow police carried out mass arrests of migrants who participated in the rally of Kyrgyz nationalists. This was reported by the Telegram-channel "Caution, news".

According to the source, the reason for the arrests was initially the massive accumulation of cars in the parking lot at the Europolis shopping center in the Rostokino metropolitan area. The vehicle owners rode, filmed videos and chanted chants, attracting the attention of local residents.

Frightened Muscovites called the police, who at the scene detained 37-year-old migrant Emil Bekiev and his friends. At first, the man called himself a famous singer in his homeland and stated that he filmed the video in the capital, but later it turned out that he was a member of the nationalist movement.

A protocol was drawn up by the police against Bekiev for violation of public actions. Three more detained nationalists were accused of violating immigration laws. At the moment, the police are looking for the rest of the participants.

Earlier, Russians noted the negative impact of migrants on their employment opportunities. Half of the respondents said that newcomers take away jobs from local residents.