OREANDA-NEWS. The owners of the new social network Clubhouse have admitted, that the broadcasts of user's conversations were stolen by hackers. According to Bloomberg, the attackers were able to hack voice chats and broadcast them to a third-party resource.

Clubhouse management intends to develop additional measures to protect users after this attack. A user who managed to transfer a record of «rooms» to another site over the weekend is blocked «forever». Security specialist Robert Potter explained, that the hacker was able to connect remote access to his account and provide it to other users.

Clubhouse is a new social network for voice communication and online conferences, registration in which is available only by invitation. The service allows you to create rooms for communication, while voice recordings cannot be recorded or copied. It was launched in 2020 by the «Alpha Exploration Co software». The social network became popular during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform is only available on iOS.