OREANDA-NEWS. The British newspaper Daily Express published an article stating that Russia and China received a "dire warning" from the UK, which announced its daring plans to invest £ 100 million (more than 9.5 billion) in the development of electronic warfare.

According to journalists, the British Ministry of Defense announced the conclusion of a contract for £ 100 million to modernize the electronic warfare of the Royal Navy. The authors of the material said that the investment will significantly strengthen the UK's ability to "detect and identify" the enemy and expand the capabilities of the Royal Navy's missile defense.

According to the journalists, in this way a "dire warning" was sent to Russia and China, as China and Russia "seek to expand and modernize their armed forces."

According to Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace, "in a world of rapidly evolving threats," these improvements "will maintain" Britain's maritime advantage. " The publication recalled the tests of the newest Russian hypersonic missile "Zircon", which is designed to strike at enemy ships, and China's tests of a hypersonic missile system capable of carrying nuclear weapons.