OREANDA-NEWS Ex-team captain Virtus.Pro Yaroslav Kuznetsov, who performed under the nickname NS, called the regulations for Russian esports players meaningless. He noted in a conversation with Russian media News.ru that no one will check the standards for the physical training of esports athletes approved by the Ministry of Sports of Russia, at least at major international tournaments.

The interlocutor suggested that the check will be arranged at internal competitions — in student leagues, championships and cups of the Russian Federation. The expert stressed that esports games are Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, League of Legends — belong to private companies, so this is a «purely commercial story».

Yaroslav Kuznetsov did not rule out that the approved standards of physical training of esports athletes would turn into an extra platform for possible speculation if an esports player who got to the championship of the Russian Federation had to look for a way to «bypass» compliance with the standards.

«The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation are trying to get esports under the general comb of sports, to do everything as in sports. But we must understand that esports is not a sport, but a 50% a show where many things characteristic of classical sports do not make sense. The Dota 2 developer holding the tournament can snap his fingers, and tomorrow there will be no competitions at all, since he owns the rights to this game. Esports has it's own rules — as the companies say, so it will be», Kuznetsov summed up.

The order on the approval of the federal standard of sports training of esports athletes was published in mid-January on the official Internet portal of legal information. According to the document, men should run three kilometers in 15 minutes, 100 meters in 14.4 seconds, and also sit down 25 times without stopping. Women need to cover two kilometers in 12 minutes, 100 meters in 17.6 seconds, perform 23 squats and a slope of + 8 centimeters.