OREANDA-NEWS. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes that all mobile applications developed in Russia pose a "potential counterintelligence threat". This is stated in a letter to the agency sent to the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate of Congress, Chuck Schumer (from New York), the American News Agency reported on Monday.

According to the FBI, "Russian intelligence services have powerful capabilities to take advantage of information technology". The agency claims that the Russian authorities "can gain remote access to all communication channels and servers in Russian networks" without requiring access from providers. US intelligence agencies cite as an example an application representing a "counterintelligence threat", FaceApp, developed by Wireless Lab from Russia.

In July, Schumer turned to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission with a request to deal with the consequences of using FaceApp by American citizens. The application allows you to change the appearance, age and gender of the person in the uploaded digital photo. The senator was concerned that access to US citizens' data might be provided to "third parties, including foreign authorities".