OREANDA-NEWS. The State Duma will adopt amendments according to which foreign IT companies will be required to have offices in Russia. This statement was made by the head of the committee of the lower house of parliament on information policy, Alexander Khinshtein.

"Legislation will be adopted in Russia, which we are currently working on. It will oblige foreign technology companies, Internet resources to create representative offices and branches in our country," the deputy said on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

Also, the State Duma is preparing amendments that will force foreign IT companies operating in the Russian jurisdiction to comply with "a number of requirements and conditions." The proposals will be formulated and sent for approval "in the near future," Khinshtein added. What requirements are in question, he did not specify.

According to the deputy, foreign IT companies, although not all, are gradually beginning to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation. "Large IT giants are beginning to play by our rules and comply with the requirements of Russian law, albeit selectively, but this is already a good signal," Khinshtein said.

Recall that on March 10, Roskomnadzor announced a slowdown in the speed of access to Twitter on all mobile devices and half of the desktops. The reason was that since 2017, "content has not been removed on the social network that inclines minors to commit suicide, containing child pornography, as well as information about the use of drugs."

It's only about slowing down the download speed of media content. Plain text is not subject to these restrictions.