OREANDA-NEWS. The former head of the AATIP (Aerospace Threat Identification Program), created by the Pentagon to study unidentified flying objects and unexplained air phenomena, spoke about numerous UFO interventions in the US energy security. Luis Elizondo's interview was published by the Washington Post newspaper.

According to Elizondo, UFOs intervened in nuclear technology many times and actually turned it on. He said that unidentified aerial objects are interested in the nuclear capabilities of the United States, and this is not surprising.

The former head of AATIP said that the pilots of the US Navy observed anomalous air phenomena. And now with one hundred percent probability, he can declare that these objects are not technologies of the United States, Russia and China.

These data are in a previously unreleased report on anomalous air phenomena, which will be presented to the US Congress at the end of June.

Former US President Barack Obama also admitted that the Pentagon has UFO data. According to him, photographs of flying objects, the trajectory of which scientists could not understand, are stored in the archives of the headquarters of the US Department of Defense.