OREANDA-NEWS. The retired generals warned Macron of the risk of France's collapse and the country's plunge into civil war.

The letter to the president of the country, signed by about twenty generals, a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand other military personnel, was published by the magazine Valeurs actuelles. It says that France is in "mortal danger".

According to the military, fanatical supporters of race war despise France, its culture and traditions, and want to see it destroyed. In an appeal to the head of state, it is said that the Islamists seize the outskirts of the state and establish orders there that contradict the constitution of the Republic.

French generals have noted an increase in violence in the country. "Who would have guessed ten years ago that a schoolteacher would one day be beheaded after leaving work?" - the military asks.

They stressed that they cannot remain outside observers of the events taking place in their homeland. The military leaders called on the government of the country to show courage and eliminate the dangers hanging over France.

The military noted that the inaction of the authorities will ultimately lead to the explosion and intervention of the army, which will take on the mission of protecting the values of civilization.