OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the French magazine Capital stated that Russia does not pose a threat to global stability. This is evidenced by the data of a survey posted on the website of the publication.

The French magazine asked its users a question: "Do you think that Russia threatens the preservation of stability in the world?" Opinions were divided, but most of the readers answered "no", while explaining why they felt so.

One of the respondents wrote: "To assess the danger posed by any country, it is necessary to understand its geopolitical goals. It is worth recognizing that Russia does not threaten anyone in this regard. Rather, it is itself" taken on the fly "by structures such as NATO."

Another commentator expressed the following opinion: “For many years the West has been trying to find a way to humiliate Russia. However, this can be costly, refer to historical examples. The West accuses Moscow of“ annexing ”Crimea, although the inhabitants of the peninsula have chosen the path of reunification with Russia themselves. But at the same time the West recognizes and even encourages the separation of Kosovo from Serbia. "

One of the readers of the French edition stressed that "Russia is a responsible partner and represents an alternative to American imperialism." In his opinion, unlike the United States, Russia is helping to stabilize the situation in the world. However, he expressed regret that "France is increasingly moving away from Russia, despite the historical tradition of cooperation."