OREANDA-NEWS French President Emmanuel Macron has opened his server in Minecraft. The relevant information appeared on his microblog page under the name Emmanuel Macron Avec Vous, which literally translates as «Emmanuel Macron with you». Virtual polling stations are built on the server, and the players themselves can play a role-playing game in which they allegedly «vote» for Macron.

The server partially recreated the Elysee Palace and a small town, the streets of which are hung with posters with photos of Macron, urging people to take part in the vote for the next president of France, scheduled for April. The server is open to everyone at the IP address or mc.avecvous.fr.

Emmanuel Macron has been president of France since 2017, and on March 3 announced his intention to run for another term. A number of media outlets, publishing news about Macron's server in Minecraft, write that the president, thus advertising his candidacy among the players, did not take into account that most fans of this game, due to their age, cannot vote yet.