OREANDA-NEWS. Russia could deeply surprise Western states with the inventing of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, that is, according to research, quite efficient. Such a common view for many Western media was expressed by a German journalist Jacques Schuster in his column for the newspaper Die Welt.

According to the author of the article, Russian Federation for a long period could not impress the Western countries with any considerable inventions. So, the last time it was, when other countries, with bated breath, watched the successes of Russia in 1957. That time the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite into the orbit. Thus, according to the journalist, Moscow has shown that nowadays it is able to launch nuclear missiles at America.

The author noted that "only the coronavirus vaccine, which appeared in the international market early, showed that Russia is surely more than just" Upper Volta with nuclear missiles ", as the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt called the former USSR." He also drew attention to the name of the Russian vaccine, reminiscent of the launch of the first satellite.

The German journalist pointed out that the effectiveness of the vaccine, as well as numerous agreements on its use abroad, have given Russia a special prestige that will be used in politics. According to the author of the article, Vladimir Putin from now on will use every opportunity to emphasize the superiority of his system.