OREANDA-NEWSGoogle has completely banned political ads in Singapore. This was reported on Thursday by the Singapore newspaper, quoting a statement by the company. "The corporation supports the emergence of political advertising if it complies with company policy. But in the case of Singapore, it was decided to refuse to place such advertising," said Ted Osius, Google’s representative for government relations in the Asia-Pacific region. According to him, "it was a difficult decision, because Google is trying to provide users around the world with useful and relevant information regarding political elections".

Meanwhile, Paul Tambia, chairman of the opposition Democratic Party of Singapore (DPS), called on Google to "change its alarming and draconian policies so that voters aren't deprived of information ahead of parliamentary elections" to be held in Singapore next year. “The republic’s mainstream media is limited in reporting”.

In addition, according to Tambia, “on the eve of the elections, in the conditions of dominance of the main media, the opposition parties are not able to inform their supporters. The only platform was social media”. At the same time, another major Facebook platform continues to place political ads in Singapore.