OREANDA-NEWS. The inclusion of the Czech Republic in the list of states unfriendly to Russia was the result of incredible mistakes made by Prague. Haló noviny writes about this.

The author of the article, Tomasz Kalab, a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies from the Czech and Moravian Communist Party, claims that Russia uses the list of unfriendly countries with extreme caution. Nevertheless, the Czech Republic got there along with the United States. The country's Foreign Ministry, which the author of the article calls "the mouthpiece of American interests," regarded this as a step towards escalating relations.

Kalab stressed: "It is a huge shame that, in addition to the United States, the Czech Republic has been declared the second unfriendly country, which owes its post-war future to the Soviet Union. But there is nothing to be surprised. Recently, there have been several anti-Russian attacks and scandals, which only emphasized the place of our state in the foreign politics ".

According to the author of the article, the deterioration of relations with Russia threatens with serious consequences. The Sputnik V vaccine, for example, would have improved the situation with the coronavirus, but Prague refused it. Citizens may face a rise in electricity prices due to nuclear power plants, which, according to experts, will not be completed without the participation of Rosatom. The US will "gladly" compensate the Czech Republic for the loss of Russian gas and oil by selling its shale gas at a higher price, Kalab summed up.