OREANDA-NEWS. Icelandic tourism marketing agency Inspired by Iceland made fun of Mark Zuckerberg and his presentation, during which he announced the rebranding and development of the metaverse.

Inspired by Iceland released a promotional video parodying the Meta presentation in which Zuckerberg revealed that the company would focus on creating a virtual world he called the metaverse. The ad is made even more ridiculous by the actor's parody of Zuckerberg.

“Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to how to unite our world without being super eccentric. Someone said it was impossible. Someone said it was out of reach. For these people, we say that it is already here. Seriously, look, it's right there. We call this not-so-new chapter Icelandverse. It's an augmented reality, without the silly-looking headsets, ”says Mark Mossbergsson, who“ played ”Zuckerberg. He appeared in the frame with a lot of sunscreen on his face as the head of Meta in 2020 while on vacation in Hawaii.

The actor encourages people to visit the Icelandverse, as there you can find "real rocks, people and the sky."

The appearance of such an original tourist video is due to the fact that Iceland is now trying to bring tourists back to the country. Before the pandemic, tourism accounted for almost 9% of the country's GDP, and this sector employed about 30 thousand people.

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