OREANDA-NEWS. The Japanese Foreign Ministry is aware of the detention in Russia of a citizen of this country, the Russian media reported in the diplomatic service.

“We know that on December 25 last year in Vladivostok, a local correspondent of the Kyodo agency was detained by local authorities, from whom they found out the goals for which he was collecting materials”, a representative of the Japanese Foreign Ministry said. He specified that on December 26 the journalist left Russia, but refused to disclose details.

On January 27, the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about a Japanese filed, which was detained in Vladivostok while trying to obtain classified materials. According to the agency, they contained information about the Russian military potential in the Far East. The Japanese were warned about the inadmissibility of espionage and were given three days to leave Russia. The Japanese Embassy Counselor was presented with a note of protest.

As the Russian media found out, the Japanese carried documents from the Kyodo news agency. The news agency later confirmed that it was his journalist who was engaged in “regular reporting”.