OREANDA-NEWS. The iPhone contains secret codes that open access to hidden functions. This is reported by the BGR edition.

The authors of the media noted that some functions of Apple smartphones can be controlled using hidden codes. All codes are entered via the dialing interface and confirmed with the call button. The journalists listed the main ones. So, if you enter the code * 67 before the dialed number, the subscriber's phone will not be able to identify the caller's number.

In order to view the strength of the cellular signal, dial the combination * 3001 # 12345 #. A special menu will open, in which you can see the power with which the smartphone's antennas work. Also, through the * # 06 # character set, you can get IMEI - the international identifier of mobile equipment, a unique number for each phone.

The described combinations work in all versions of iOS. "And while most users may find these secret codes more intriguing than necessary, some are actually beneficial," the authors noted.

At the end of the summer, journalists named a way to speed up almost any iPhone. To do this, you need to set the French region in the device settings. Most likely, the phone will run faster, which is due to the fact that Apple is not slowing down the smartphones of French consumers due to the ban by local authorities.