OREANDA-NEWS. A survivor of the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport told the details of the tragedy that claimed the lives of more than a hundred people. His words are quoted by Reuters.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said that at the time of the explosion he was in line at one of the entrances to the capital's airport.

“It was as if someone had removed the soil from under my feet. It seemed to me that my eardrums had burst and I lost my hearing,” he said.

According to him, parts of bodies were flying in the air "like during a tornado."

“I saw the end of the world with my own eyes,” the man said.

Two explosions occurred on Thursday near the Kabul airport, one of them near the Baron Hotel, where, according to media reports, foreigners, including British and US citizens, gathered. The first was arranged by a suicide bomber, then explosives went off in the car.

The media, citing a statement by the Islamic State *, reported that the group claimed responsibility for the attack on the airport. Washington believes that Vilayat Khorasan, a member of IS *, was involved in the attacks.

Later in Kabul, several more explosions thundered. The US military explained that they were controlled.

US President Joe Biden gave the order to prepare strikes on the leaders and targets of Vilayat Khorasan. He assured that the guilty would be found and punished.