OREANDA-NEWS. There is no fundamental difference between a small-scale and a full-scale “invasion” of Russia on the territory of Ukraine; in any case, it must be held accountable at the international level. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Dmitry Kuleba, his words are quoted by Interfax-Ukraine.

With his remark, the diplomat appreciated the words of US President Joe Biden about the situation on the borders of the two countries. The day before, on January 19, the American politician admitted that sanctions against Moscow may differ depending on the scale of a possible intervention and its consequences.

“You can't be half invading or half aggressive. Aggression is either there or it is not. And we can say, as a fait accompli, that since 2014 the aggression of the Russian Federation against the state of Ukraine has continued,” the head of the Foreign Ministry said.

He assured that sanctions against Russia should be introduced already at the moment, since its military personnel "are on the territory of Ukraine" and are engaged in "murder of Ukrainian soldiers." “And therefore, we will not accept any attempts (I emphasize, if they are) to explain to Ukraine that there is no need to do something to contain Russia. All this has been passed. All these lessons of history have already been learned,” Kuleba stressed.

The minister also said that Russia in matters of expansion is capable of acting non-linearly and may not arrange full-fledged military operations to destabilize the situation in the region. However, according to him, Kiev will no longer "pay with the blood of its citizens" for the failure of its allies to put pressure on Moscow.