OREANDA-NEWS. Sundar Pichai became the head of Alphabet Holding, of which Google is a part. This is stated in a statement released on Tuesday by Alphabet. As follows from the document, Larry Page, who until recently was the CEO of the holding, left his post. Alphabet President Sergey Brin did the same. Pichai is now both the CEO of Google and Alphabet.

Page and Brin said in a joint statement that “it's time to simplify the governance structure” of Alphabet. As they emphasized, "Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a president, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet". The presidency of the holding will be eliminated. Page and Brin will be on the Alphabet Board of Directors. They noted that they intend to "actively participate" in the work of the holding. "In addition, we plan to continue to regularly consult with Sundar, especially on issues that we are passionate about", they said.

Google was founded by Page and Brin. It was first registered as a private enterprise in September 1998. Since 2015, Google has been part of Alphabet. The head office of the holding is located in Mountain View (California). Alphabet's market cap exceeds $ 890 billion.