OREANDA-NEWSThe Russian foreign minister has besieged a CNN journalist who asked about the situation around Venezuela. This happened at a press conference when Sergei Lavrov, after his meeting with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo, was asked if Russia had any opportunity to stop the "US intervention in Venezuela" if Washington decided to take such a step. The Russian minister replied: "Some call your company fake news, but now you are asking a fake question".

The journalists were confident that diplomats would discuss Venezuela. The US puts pressure on the government of Nicolas Maduro, while accusing Moscow of interfering in the affairs of Caracas. Pompeo just the day before allowed himself undiplomatic statements: Russia, he said, should get out of Venezuela. “There was nothing like that at the table,” notes Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Thus, Lavrov reminded the American journalist about the numerous tweets of the US President, in which Trump accuses the television channel of spreading false information, the Russian media wrote. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that Moscow categorically does not accept the conduct of hostilities that violate international rules, wherever it happens. Sergey Lavrov also stressed that the use of force can be authorized only by the UN Security Council or used in response to aggression, which is not observed in the case of Venezuela. 

Earlier, the government of this country decided to block the signal of the Spanish-speaking CNN en espanol on the Internet. Representatives of the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela noted that the content of CNN broadcasts is a “direct attack against peace and democratic stability of the Venezuelan people,” the Russian media reported.