OREANDA-NEWS. According to Kaspersky Lab, the Lazarus hacker group attacked the developers of the coronavirus vaccine - the Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical company in one of the Asian countries.

Kaspersky Lab experts report that “two Windows servers of a government agency were compromised on October 27 by a sophisticated malware known to Kaspersky Lab as wAgent. The infection was carried out in the same way that was previously used by the Lazarus group to penetrate cryptocurrency networks. companies ".

The attack on the vaccine manufacturer, according to experts, started on September 25 and was carried out using the Bookcode malware. Both types of malware allow attackers to gain control over an infected device. Kaspersky Lab continues to investigate this incident.

The two incidents demonstrate that Lazarus is collecting data related to COVID-19, although the group is primarily known for its financial interests, commented on the incident, a cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab in the Asian region of Seongsu Park. Organizers of complex attacks think strategically and may go beyond one line of business. All companies involved in the development and deployment of a vaccine should be as prepared as possible to repel cyberattacks.