OREANDA-NEWS. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielyus Landsbergis considers negotiations with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to resolve the migration crisis dangerous.

“This time I learned about the talks between Lukashenka and the Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel from our partners who inform us, both me and the Prime Minister. in fact, they are already underway. I can only repeat that, in my opinion, this is a dangerous path, "Landsbergis said on Thursday to journalists on the sidelines of the Sejm.

He expressed his annoyance that he learned about the negotiations from foreign colleagues, and not from the team of the President of Lithuania. "This complicates the work, we receive information through partners, we agreed that we will be informed in time. Thank God, we have friends outside Lithuania," the minister said.

Earlier, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister expressed indignation that Merkel spoke with Lukashenko on the phone, and the Estonian Foreign Minister expressed the opinion that Lukashenko had asked to be recognized as president in exchange for solving the migration crisis. Minsk denied this statement - Lukashenko did not discuss sanctions and "recognition" with Merkel.

The first telephone conversation between Lukashenko and Merkel took place last week, during which the Belarusian president proposed ways out of the migration crisis. Merkel took a break to discuss this with partners. On Wednesday, a second conversation took place, during which the parties came to an understanding on actions to resolve the migrant crisis. In particular, the president and acting The Chancellor agreed that the problem as a whole is brought up to the level of Belarus and the EU, while the relevant officials to be determined from both sides will immediately enter into negotiations to resolve the existing problems. According to media reports, Merkel did not rule out financial assistance for Belarus in connection with the migration crisis.