OREANDA-NEWSThe Mail.ru Group, in addition to the existing business platforms, launched a corporate mail service, the company’s press service told the Russian media. It's assumed that the service should compete with popular platforms from Microsoft (Exchange) and Google (Gmail).

The mail service uses its own servers, ensuring data security, and selects the best ways to process data to reduce the load on the client server and save storage space. Mail is also embedded in the IT infrastructure of organizations in various industries and synchronized with a network of employee accounts, which gives employees access to corporate information.

According to Yegor Ganin, Deputy Vice President, Head of Cloud and Business Services at Mail.ru Group, the product was created on the basis of Mail.ru Mail, the largest mail service in the country with about 100 million users. “A lot of Russians have Mail.ru personal mailboxes, which means that when implementing the solution, the company’s employees won't have to relearn and get used to something new, which will significantly reduce the company's costs”, he said.