OREANDA-NEWSMail.ru Group maintains a culture of open source and people investing time and energy in developing this area, the company said Friday. At the same time, the group was reminded that they did not comment on corporate conflicts.

"We are convinced that an open source culture is the most important guarantee of the development of the modern Internet and, as a result, of increasing the competitiveness of our country in the IT market. One of the main principles of the open source movement is freedom of information distribution. Not considering it possible to comment on corporate conflicts between others market participants, we want to declare: we support a culture of open source and people who invest time and effort in the development of this direction", says the Mail.ru Group corporate blog.

Earlier, Yandex said that it considers the situation around the conflict between Rambler and Nginx to be a bad signal for the programming community, in the office of which there was a seizure of documents in the case of copyright infringement.