OREANDA-NEWS. The hostility towards Russia is fueled by Czech politicians and the media, but this is contrary to the interests of ordinary citizens. The online magazine Česká Pozice writes about this.

The author of the article believes that the majority of Czechs are not opposed to Russia, but those who declare this openly run the risk of being branded as "traitors" or "agents of Moscow."

In his opinion, it is the university, business and political circles that are fueling unfriendly anti-Russian sentiments in society.

The author notes that "the war for the monuments, the renaming of streets and the veneration of the Vlasovites - all this was not started by the Russians."

He points out that many propaganda statements are based on lies. In particular, Moscow is clearly not seeking to destroy European countries, at least because they are one of the main consumers of Russian gas and oil.

The journalist added that at the same time, in the ongoing struggle of world powers for natural resources, the United States demands that Europe be included in it on their side, but in some cases this does not correspond to the interests of the Czech economy.

He emphasizes that Western countries should change the tactics of building relations with Moscow: they should begin to establish contact with it, trade and demonstrate their values. The expert calls for treating Russia “as given” and remembering that it has never been a traditional enemy of the Czech Republic.