OREANDA-NEWSCompanies in France and Russia are successfully deploying cooperation in various fields related to the use of artificial intelligence. This was written on Monday by the newspaper of the French business community Les Echos.

In this regard, she draws special attention to the recent signing of a strategic partnership agreement between the Russian Nanosemantics Laboratory and the French IT technology company Linagora. According to the newspaper, this cooperation will be aimed at developing a common roadmap in the field of research and technological development on artificial intelligence.

"Both firms are genuine champions in the field of free software and have the support of their governments," said Linagora’s head Alexander Zapolsky in this regard. "We will exchange the results of our research in order to develop voice assistance services that are independent of American industry leaders", he assured. According to the publication, the French authorities said in this regard that such an exchange of technology should take place in conditions of complete transparency and subject to a general idea of ​​Internet freedom and cybersecurity.