OREANDA-NEWS. The media write about two US officials in Germany, who sought medical attention after developing symptoms of the so-called "Havana Syndrome". The Wall Street Journal reported about it, citing unnamed US officials.

According to her, the symptoms of the desease include nausea, strong headaches, severe ear pain, general fatigue, insomnia and lethargy. These symptoms began to appear in officials in recent months, significantly affecting their performance.

The diplomats, whose names are not given, noted that similar incidents were recorded among American officials in other European countries. They did not elaborate on the details.

"Some of the sick were intelligence officers or diplomats whose work included Russian-related issues such as gas exports, cyber security and political interference," the American newspaper wrote, citing American diplomats and people familiar with the investigation.

The so-called "Havana syndrome" was registered among US diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, as well as in China in 2018. The diplomats were allegedly exposed to sound effects, which led to long-term health effects. From time to time in the US press there were accusations against Russia of organizing "acoustic attacks", the Russian Foreign Ministry called these accusations "complete absurdity and strange insinuations." Earlier, CIA Director William Burns said that Russia may be behind the inexplicable episodes of the deterioration of the condition of American diplomats, but the lack of data prevents any definite conclusions from being drawn.

Cases of malaise, similar to the "Havana syndrome", also, according to media reports, were recorded in American representatives in Africa, Tajikistan and Moscow. The last known case of unexplained malaise among American diplomats occurred in Vienna. In total, according to the head of the CIA, several hundred American diplomats, intelligence officers and the military were injured in all incidents, as CNN reported, about a hundred of them were CIA employees.