OREANDA-NEWS. Shortly after the release of a major upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft recognized that it was problematic.

The developers published a list of detected problems in this big update, and also recommended to some users not to rush to install a new version. So, before users may want to install it, they should examine and make sure that these problems are not or will not cause them much trouble. 

Considering that Windows 10 is installed on a huge number of computers with different configurations, the distribution of updates to the popular operating system is not always successful. To alert PC owners of known problems with updates, Microsoft has taken precautionary measures. Owners of «incompatible» hardware were alerted to possible problems after installing a new version of the operating system, and the delivery of the latest build via the Windows Update Center was suspended for them.

Information about both current problems and those resolved in the last 30 days is published on Microsoft website. Errors listed range from failures in Bluetooth connectivity with other devices to incompatibilities with older versions of NVIDIA drivers.

Users who have been warned when trying to update their operating system are advised to refrain from manual updates until the corresponding patches have been released to fix hardware problems.