OREANDA-NEWS. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he considers the decision of US President Joe Biden not to hold a joint press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin after the Geneva meeting as a demonstration of weakness.

The meeting between Putin and Biden will take place on Wednesday. Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation and the United States did not reach an agreement on a joint press conference following the meeting.

Pompeo told Fox News, "The fact that you are not willing to stand six or eight feet from your opponent and tell the world what you talked about, the things that excite you and why they worry you, is evidence about great weakness. "

"If you're not willing to just stand on the podium and answer press questions ... which can be difficult or tricky while your opponent is standing a few feet away, that's a huge sign of weakness," he added.

Pompeo stressed that the chairman of the DPRK State Council Kim Jong-un, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and others who should not be shown weakness, because otherwise security will be finished, it will be "smashed to pieces" will follow the summit.

At the same time, the ex-secretary of state noted that he himself is ready to hold a debate with Putin.