OREANDA-NEWS. Moldovan President Maia Sandu expressed hope that the new Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting (CTR) will be able to prevent propaganda from Russia and other countries on the air of TV channels broadcast in the republic.

The Center for Independent Journalism of Moldova presented a report that "massive propaganda from the Russian side" through rebroadcast TV channels allegedly exists in the republic, which may pose a "threat to the republic."

"As I understand it, soon we will have a new composition of the council on television and radio broadcasting, which has certain legal instruments and which must prevent propaganda, deception and other violations. I very much hope that this CTP will be objective and effective," she said Sandu on the air of TVR Moldova, answering the question of how to deal with this problem.

The President added that Moldova is now starting to work on a reform of the security system, which will deal with all elements of risk, including cyber security.

"The main part of our activity depends on the work of the CTP, after that we will decide whether the current legislation is dealing with the problem or changes in the field of safety are necessary, we will analyze and draw conclusions," Sandu added.

In 2017, parliament adopted a bill to combat "foreign propaganda," including allegedly Russian propaganda. The document prohibited the broadcasting of television and radio programs with information, information and analytical, military or political content, which were produced in countries that had not ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. At the same time, the retransmission of entertainment programs or other programs was allowed. In July 2019, the Moldovan parliament adopted a new TV and radio broadcasting code, which upheld the ban on the broadcast of Russian news programs. The anti-propaganda law was canceled in December 2020 at the initiative of the Socialist Party.