OREANDA-NEWS. Norwegian journalist Bjorn Dietlef Nystad expressed the opinion that Ukraine is in a state of disintegration, and its leadership is dependent on the United States and the European Union. He wrote about this in an article published in ABC Nyheter on October 14.

In the article, the journalist commented on the article by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, which, in particular, examines the prospect of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Nystad said that Russia perceives Ukraine as a "collapsed country" ruled by "a political elite that is nothing more than puppets for the United States, and partly for the European Union."

At the same time, according to the author of the article, there is no doubt that Ukraine is a country "in the process of disintegration" and that its leadership is "an instrument of foreign, primarily American, interests."

“There is also no doubt that these conditions are a significant reason for the devastating conflict for Ukraine with Russia,” the journalist wrote.

He suggested that Russia "will not make any concessions to the current anti-Russian regime of Ukraine" and "can wait" until Ukraine has "normal leadership."

According to Nystad, Medvedev's article is "a message in an abridged form," it appeared when US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland arrived in Moscow on a visit. The United States and the European Union must "force the Ukrainian regime they have established themselves" to pursue policies conducive to Russian-Ukrainian dialogue, or "instill" a more constructive regime, the journalist concluded.