OREANDA-NEWS. One of the oldest Internet news portals in Russia «Newsru.com» announced it's closure. «We stop working for economic reasons, but it is caused by the political situation in our country», the editorial board said on Monday, May 31, pointing to the impossibility of high-quality work due to «the situation in the economy and in the legal field».

«After 2014, it became clear that not only geography and foreign policy, but also the domestic economy is changing radically. Our picture of the day became so different from the picture preferred by state resources that major advertisers stopped cooperating with us after the events of 2014, and the rest began to be particularly afraid this year», the statement says.

According to the journalists, the restrictive laws, which they increasingly had to report, «one day could affect» their media. At the same time, they pointed out that «more and more respected people and sources of truthful information» in Russia, were forced to label as «foreign agents» and extremists.

«We say goodbye to you, but for now we leave open the entire archive accumulated over 21 years of work. And this is 1 million 172 thousand 931 news (not including this one). This history of the events of the XXI century is extremely important for understanding what is happening today», it goes on.

Online media «Newsru.com» was founded by blogger and journalist Anton Nosik in August 2000 as the website of the «NTV» television company. In October 2002, the site was moved from ntv.ru on «Newsru.com».