OREANDA-NEWS. German fashion designer Philip Plein, accused of homophobia, was called to a new show on the Russian TNT channel as a fashion expert. The press service of the channel reports.

The show, in which Philip Plein will participate, is called "You Are the Top Model." It will be hosted by Anastasia Reshetova, a fashion model and ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati. It is known that the main prize of the winner of the project is three million rubles. In addition, the winning participant will receive the title "You are a top model on TNT", as well as a contract with the world famous designer who created the Philipp Plein brand.

Plain stated: “I have seen many very interesting girls, but not all of them were able to become a top model. Being a model means talent, hard work, dedication, a great desire to develop in this direction. It's cool that the Russian TV channel TNT decided to expand the boundaries and take a fresh look at this profession. Now any girl can try her hand, show herself and, possibly, become the one who will take part in my new advertising campaign. "

The release date of the new TV show featuring Plein on television is still unknown.

Earlier in February, Philip Plein found himself at the center of a scandal. Former employee of his company, Amro Alsoleibi, filed a lawsuit against the American division of the Philipp Plein brand and the designer himself, claiming that Plein often made homophobic insults against him. The man added that the fashion designer behaved in a similar way with other employees with homosexual orientation and openly said: "I hate working with gays."