OREANDA-NEWS. The EU needs to launch a political, financial and legal war against Russia in order to protect Moldova from Moscow's influence. The Polish edition of Biznes Alert writes about this.

"It's time to strike a preemptive strike. Not with the help of tanks, but with the help of politics, law and finance. If we help Chisinau, we will get rid of another point of destabilization on the map of Europe," said the author of the article, Wojciech Jakubik.

He compared these measures with the idea of ​​the Polish statesman Józef Pilsudski, who in the 1930s proposed France to attack Germany in order to prevent a major military conflict.

According to Yakubik, Russia is using Chisinau's debts to Gazprom to influence Moldovan policy. The situation, he said, is exacerbated by the European gas crisis.

The gas tariff in Moldova was revised in November: it increased from 25 to 63 cents. At the same time, in October, ordinary consumers paid the same 25 cents, although the purchase price of gas increased fourfold. The republic's authorities had to decide how to compensate for this difference in order to pay Gazprom for gas.

At the end of October, Chisinau extended the contract with Gazprom for five years, subject to an audit of Moldovagaz's debt in 2022. It is planned that it will be paid off within five years, subject to interest.

The Russian company noted that the parties signed a protocol on the settlement of current issues in the gas sector, and called the terms of the extension of the agreement mutually beneficial. As indicated in Chisinau, the new contract will use the formula proposed by the Moldovan side.