OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the Polish edition of Interia ridiculed the speech of the country's President Andrzej Duda during his visit to Georgia, in which he called Russia "abnormal" and "aggressor".

Many commentators have expressed the view that such non-diplomatic statements do not correspond to the position of the head of state.

Many readers expressed the general opinion that "it is unworthy for the president to act as a cheap propagandist." In this case, in their opinion, it looks like this.

Reader ~ Pytacz asked if Duda had coordinated this statement with the American Embassy in Warsaw.

A Poszukiwacz visitor called the president a pest.

"To insult a neighbor, who is also so strong, is to demonstrate incredible stupidity," he stressed.

The reader under the nickname migg said that fear and hatred towards Russia are embedded in the cultural code of the Poles.

"So the Polish president's hysterical attacks on Russia are not surprising," he wrote.

Polakonly, in turn, drew attention to the Kremlin's "angelic" patience.

At the same time, many readers invited Duda to express his point of view to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in person.

"It's a shame to listen to such statements, because who is the aggressor here if not the Western countries led by Poland," said one of the users, Damian. He stressed that Warsaw supports the unrest in Belarus.