OREANDA-NEWS. Protesters interrupted a speech by US President Joe Biden in Georgia with calls for the closure of private penitentiaries. It is reported by the Newsweek edition.

Biden spoke to supporters on the 100th day of his presidency, and his speech focused on achievements and plans for the future.

Soon after he began his speech, the protesters began shouting, "Stop the arrests now!" and "Eliminate the Immigration and Customs Police!" The President tried to continue speaking, but the shouts did not stop.

"I agree with you. I'm working on it. Give me five more days," Biden replied. He explained to his listeners that the protesters are against private prisons.

Biden stepped back from his speech and responded to the screams as follows: "Private prisons should not exist, and that’s all. They are talking about this, about private detention centers. They should not exist, and we are working to close them. That's all. I promise you, "- after which the president continued his speech.

It is recalled that almost immediately after coming to power, Biden signed a decree instructing the attorney general not to renew contracts with private prisons, which, in his words, are "less human and less safe" than state ones.