OREANDA-NEWS. In Ukraine, three leading TV companies “were slammed” with one stroke of the pen, and everyone is silent, this is the use of tools for their political purposes, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin said during a meeting with leaders of the State Duma factions: “As for freedom of speech, everything is clear to us here too. The so-called double standards have become so vividly manifested lately that there is no doubt about how our so-called opponents will behave towards us. In Ukraine they took and slammed three leading channels - that's all, with one stroke of the pen. And everyone is silent. And some even pat them on the shoulder approvingly. "

The Russian president added that it is impossible to comment on this because "it is nothing more than using these tools to achieve their own geopolitical goals."

On February 2, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on Twitter the decision to impose sanctions against the TV channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK and their owner Taras Kozak, who is also a member of the Opposition Platform - For Life party. The sanctions include 12 restrictions, including the freezing of assets and revocation of licenses.

In response to the incident, the Ukrainian party "Opposition Platform - For Life" promised to initiate impeachment proceedings against Zelensky.