OREANDA-NEWS. A resonant review of the state of health care in Latvia, made by Vladimir Putin after his former colleague and friend died there from coronavirus, commented on the TV channel "Russia 1" by the correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in Latvia Daria Grigorova.

As it became known earlier from the words of the Russian president, when his acquaintance living in Latvia fell ill with coronavirus, it turned out that in the main medical center of the country "there is not even an MRI, only an old X-ray", which "cannot show the level of lung damage. There are no medications either. , there is nothing".

The journalist managed to get in touch with a specialist at the Eastern Hospital, part of which is the same Latvian infectious disease center, to which an acquaintance of the Russian president turned. Ilga Namniece, a spokeswoman for the Eastern Hospital, confirmed that the clinic has MRI machines. “However, different departments of the hospital are historically located in several buildings, and there are no devices in the infectious diseases hospital where patients with coronavirus are admitted,” the VGTRK correspondent said.

At the same time, she drew attention to the information wave caused by the personal comment of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Many users of social networks began to publicly complain about the work of the Latvian healthcare system. And the deputies defended the doctors. In particular, the representatives of the right-wing party even posted a response in Russian in a post, which they had never done before," she said on the air of the “60 Minutes” Daria Grigorova.

In conclusion, the correspondent spoke about other health problems in Latvia in the field of combating the pandemic. She noted that the country, unfortunately, is one of the outsiders in the EU in terms of vaccination rates.