OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted in an interview with NBC that NATO and US exercises are taking place in close proximity to Russian borders, asking what would happen if Russia did the same.

"When asked about the recent movements of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, which have raised fears of an invasion, Putin said that Russia is conducting military exercises on its own territory. He said NATO routinely conducts military exercises near the Russian border and mentioned the US exercises in Alaska, which, as he mentioned, is located near the Russian border, "the channel informs.

"Imagine if we sent our troops directly to your borders. What would be your response?" - Putin said.

So, earlier on June 14, the National Defense Control Center reported that two NATO warships armed with guided missiles entered the Black Sea.

This destroyer with guided missiles "Defender" of the British Navy and the frigate "Everton" of the Dutch Navy.

It was clarified that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet are watching the NATO ships.

The day before, a US Navy destroyer entered the Black Sea area. This happens regularly. Russia has repeatedly stated that the presence of military personnel from other regions in the Black Sea does not contribute to stability.