OREANDA-NEWSThe management of the Rambler Group sent a formal petition to the investigation authorities to terminate the criminal case against Nginx and terminated the contract with the law firm Lynwood Investments CY Ltd. This is stated in the message Rambler.

“The Rambler Group management executed these decisions. An official petition was filed with the investigating authorities to terminate the criminal case. An agreement with Lynwood Investments CY Ltd of 2015, under which Lynwood Investments CY Ltd (formerly A&NN Holdings, at that time a shareholder of the group Rambler) acted on behalf of the Rambler Group following the results of negotiations terminated", Rambler said.

It's noted that in accordance with the terms of termination, Lynwood Investments CY Ltd reserved the right to prove damages and compensation in this case on its own behalf and in its own interests, but has no right to conduct any business on behalf of Rambler Group.