OREANDA-NEWS. Russia remains an inconspicuous participant in the market for advanced production technologies and runs the risk of "falling behind forever" from technological leaders. This is reported by RBC with reference to the analytical report of the Higher School of Economics.

It is noted that the country's share in world exports of advanced production products from 2002 to 2018 was at the level of 0.2-0.5 percent, in world imports - 0.3-1.6 percent.

Thus, the main export items of advanced technologies from Russia include aerospace, nuclear and weapons. The first two points have the lowest growth rates, and weapons account for 0.2 percent of the market volume.

RBC quotes the HSE report: "Thus, the current specialization of Russia in the markets of advanced production is characterized by insufficient potential for sustainable long-term development."

Experts classified Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Vietnam as the leaders of global production, and 35 countries, including Russia, were included in the group of "late manufacturers". She, according to experts, is at a "fork in the road": to stay forever in the group of laggards or go to "catching up" group.