OREANDA-NEWS. Users of Internet publications and newspapers in Europe expressed their admiration and respect for the bold act of the head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Yevgeny Zinichev, whose life was tragically cut short during an exercise in the Arctic, when the minister, without hesitation, tried to save the life of another person.

German readers of the newspaper Di Welt wrote in their comments that "This would not have happened to the German minister." One of the users, Klaus K., clarified: "Precisely because a German minister would not have had the courage to take such a step."

Daily Mail readers were amazed at the minister's heroic deed. They called the deceased Russian official an incredibly brave man. The general opinion was expressed by the user of Realworkingclass, writing: "He is brave, whatever one may say."

Another reader, Thuth_Reason, wrote: "For many reasons, I cannot imagine anyone in our government could do this." The octopussy agreed with him, asking the question: "I wonder which of our politicians would risk his life to save another person."

Foreign users are in solidarity in expressing their opinion on the heroic act of the Russian minister. They write: "The Russians are all like that. When the shopping center in Kemerovo burned, they spontaneously rushed to save others. New Europe cannot understand such." This comment was left by the reader of 1001 under the article of the Bulgarian newspaper "Dnevnik".

"Everyone who died trying to save someone else's life deserves respect," Georgievb said.

Many readers called Zinichev a real man and a hero.

Yesterday, September 9, the Russian Emergencies Ministry announced the death of the minister during an exercise in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Zinichev died trying to save the director Alexander Melnik. The tragically deceased head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was 55 years old, he received this post in 2018, in 2020 he was awarded the rank of army general.