OREANDA-NEWS. The NYPD will return the Boston Dynamics robotic dog to the manufacturer ahead of time after criticizing it. This fact is reported by The New York Times.

The police decided to try to use the robotic mechanism for official purposes last year. Robops was rented for 94 thousand dollars. According to the leadership of law enforcement officers, it was planned to send him to those places where it would be dangerous for officers to go. The police named the robot Digidog. It is equipped with cameras, flashlights and a communication system.

However, the robotic dog was criticized on social media after two cases of its use. On February 23, police launched a robot into an apartment in the Bronx where they were holding hostages, but the criminals managed to escape. And on April 13, Digidog was seen arresting a man in a residential building.

After these incidents, critics compared the robot to a dystopian tracking drone. In addition, he was called a symbol of how aggressive the police can be against the poor, and accused law enforcement officers of militarization.

This led to the early termination of the robot lease agreement, which was supposed to be valid until August. The decision was also positively received in the City Hall of New York - they said they were happy about it, because the robot "was creepy, repelled and sent the wrong signal to the residents of the city."