OREANDA-NEWS. Rosstat has launched an updated version of the portal with a “friendly interface” that will facilitate the search for statistics, said Pavel Malkov, head of the Federal State Statistics Service.  The new site will also simplify the placement of data, which has become a real torment for the employees of the department, he added.

Malkov noted that for 20 years a large amount of information has been accumulated on the site and there is no guarantee that it can be transferred without loss and errors. However, the old version of the site will be available as before. Her work will be done in parallel with the updated portal. On the new site, a “data mart” mechanism was introduced, which allows creating analytical reports and visualizing information (at the time of writing, this page of the site produced an error).

 Earlier it became known that the agency announced an auction for an information campaign on the All-Russian population census in 2020.