OREANDA-NEWS. US senators, led by Democratic representative Jeanne Shaheen, accused Russia of "malicious activity" against Ukraine and called for pressure on Moscow with sanctions. This is reported by the RT channel with reference to the resolution submitted to the US Congress.

The document describes important events that have taken place in Ukraine since 1990. We are talking about the acquisition of the country's independence (1991), the Orange Revolution (2004) and Euromaidan (2013).

One of the points also refers to the "malicious activity" of Russia. Politicians accuse Moscow of "invading" the territory of Ukraine and "annexing" Crimea.

They argue that over the course of thirty years Kiev has made successful steps towards democratic transformation, in particular in the areas of defense, anti-corruption and strengthening the rule of law.

In addition, the activities of the authorities aimed at granting autocephaly to the local church are noted. This is of particular importance for "independent determination of the future of Ukraine without the influence of the Kremlin," the senators stressed.

They concluded that the United States and its allies should continue to pressure Russia under sanctions until it "respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine."