OREANDA-NEWS. The scientific company of the military technopolis "Era" and the staff of the concern "Sozvezdiye" are developing a device that should allow to increase the computer performance 10 times, the press-cutting service of the holding "Roselectronics" reported.

“Concern “Sozvezdiye” is developing a hardware accelerator capable of increasing server performance by five to ten times. The development is carried out jointly with the privates of the scientific company belonging to the military technopolis "Era". A prototype will be created within two years, after which the equipment will be tested,” the press-cutting service commented.

In "Roselectronics" they said that the device is being developed in the form of a standard PCI-Express expansion card. According to the holding’ reports, the device can be easily integrated into the slot of a standard server.

The developers are confident that the accelerator is useful in departmental and corporate data processing servers, broadband remote access servers, network address translation (NAT) devices, firewalls, and advanced data analysis systems. The use of the device will reduce the cost of deployment of the computing and communication infrastructure for data centers, while responding as quickly as possible to new requirements and services.

The firmware of the future accelerator can be changed for different types of tasks. "We see great potential in this development, besides, similar devices are not available on the open market," added representative of “Roselectronics”.