OREANDA-NEWS. In Latvia, from midnight local time, a ban on retransmission of the Russia-RTR TV channel came into force, it became unavailable in cable networks, as reported by a RIA Novosti correspondent.

In the package of the Riga television operator Balticom, when choosing the Russia-RTR channel, the following text appears on the screen instead: "By the decision of the National Council for Electronic Media, the retransmission of Russia RTR in Latvia has been stopped for one year. From 16.02.2021 it will be replaced by the TV channel." 1 + 2 ".

Earlier it was reported that the Latvian cable operator Tet from February 1 stopped rebroadcasting the largest Russian TV channels - PBK (the relay of the First Channel programs in the Baltic countries), NTV Mir, Ren TV Baltiya, Kinokomedia and Kinomix.

The authorities of the Baltic countries have repeatedly created obstacles to the work of the Russian media. The Foreign Ministry announced clear signs of a coordinated line of these states. The cases of harassment of the Russian media in the Baltic countries, the Russian diplomatic service noted, "clearly demonstrate what, in practice, are unfounded statements about the adherence of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn to the principles of democracy and freedom of speech."